Paramount Presents: Almost Queen:  03/17/2023 | 8:00PM

Paramount Presents: Almost Queen:  03/17/2023 | 8:00PM

The most authentic Queen live show since the days of Queen themselves. A deliberate four-piece band, Almost Queen delivers a live show consisting of signature four-part harmonies, intricate musical interludes, and genuine costumes while recapturing the live energy that is the ultimate Queen experience. It’s like seeing the original Queen lineup without having to travel back through time! Joseph Russo acts as iconic frontman Freddie Mercury, Steve Leonard portrays the curly-haired Brian May, John Cappadonna is drummer Roger Taylor, and Randy Gregg personifies bassist John Deacon.


Joseph Russo– vocals, piano

Steve Leonard– guitar, backing vocals

Randy Gregg– bass, backing vocals

John Cappadonna– drums, backing vocals

Thumbnail Image Credit: Christopher Appoldt

215 East Main Street Charlottesville, VA 22902